A Compact SDR Platform based on the GigaExpress SBC

The FMC interface of the GigaExpress SBC accepts any VITA 57 compliant module, being possible to easily setup complex systems ready for operation.

Powered by a single +12VDC input, the user can access the Zynq® processor and programmable logic using the 1000BASE-T Ethernet, PCIe, and JTAG interfaces. All together can be integrated in a standard computer slot or in a user defined enclosure. The position of the FMC connector and the four mounting holes minimise the dimension of the final assembly, and increase the integration robustness.

As an example, in the picture bellow the GigaExpress is working hard with a powerful FMC companion. The result is a compact and rugged solution for developing and validating advanced SDR systems.

SDR Platform - GigaExpress SBC

GPU vs FPGA Performance Comparison

Image processing, Cloud Computing, Wideband Communications, Big Data, Robotics, High-definition video…, most emerging technologies are increasingly requiring processing power capabilities. The technology selection for each application is a critical decision for system designers. Being GPU power the conservative approach to scale processing capacity, using FPGA for software acceleration is becoming the best option for an increasing number of applications.

The following figures show the huge processing power of GPUs, and the great power efficiency of the current FPGA technology. Introducing the price in the equation shows competitive mid-class FPGA, but still far from the GFLOPS per Euro of the mass-market graphic cards. The cost of the high-end FPGAs limits them to specific niche applications, while the power burning of the high-end GPUs avoids using them for a number of markets and critical systems.

Read the complete analysis at GPU vs FPGA Performance Comparison PDF white paper.

GPU vs FPGA Performance Comparison
GPU vs FPGA Performance Comparison