BERTEN develops critical electronics, from schematics capture and PCB layout, to hardware manufacturing, and verification.

Digital Electronics

  • FPGA Design
  • AMD Xilinx Zynq System-on-Chip
  • Microcontrollers, Microprocessors
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, PCIe, USB, SPI, I2C, UART, CAN, GPIO, DDR, PCI, LVDS, JESD204, RS232/422/485
  • Standards: FMC, VME, VPX, OpenVPX, MicroTCA
  • Memory modules: Flash, DDR3 / DDR4, EEPROM
  • Analog-to-Digital & Digital-to-Analog Converters (ADC, DAC)

Analogue Electronics

  • Power Supplies
  • Signal Conditioning
  • Modulators and Demodulators
  • Filtering
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • Sensors and Transducers
  • RF Electronics

Schematics Capture

Electronic Design and Schematics Capture

Optimised circuit electronic design and components selection are performed by considering electrical performance, size, power consumption, environmental constraints, and cost. Our flexible approach allows delivering the best solution for each target application.

We perform schematics capture of the designed electronic circuit using powerful EDA software tools.

Electrical Simulation

Electrical simulation - IBIS, SPICE

Simulations are executed to verify circuit electronic design:

  • SPICE: to predict circuit behaviour using accurate non-linear models. Transient, AC, DC Sweep, and noise analyses are available.
  • IBIS: fast and accurate behavioral method to model I/O buffers, validating signal integrity performances of digital interfaces.

PCB Layout

PCB Layout

PCB Layouts are designed to deliver optimum electrical performance:

  • HDI Multi-layer design
  • Selection of substrate materials
  • Signal & Power Integrity constraints
  • EMI/EMC design
  • Design rules checking
  • Manufacturing files generation

PCB Analysis & Verification

BERTEN implements a full set of analysis and simulations processes to verify the electrical design before manufacturing, ensuring a right-the-first time approach.

Pre- and post-layout analyses are performed to solve Signal Integrity and Power Integrity problems in an early stage. This is especially critical when the design involves high speed signals or high-end FPGA devices.

Our right-the-first-time approach is based on verifying signal integrity and power integrity using advanced analysis and simulations tools, delivering reliable solutions while minimising the electronic design cycle.

  • Impedance matching optimisation
  • Crosstalk reduction
  • Rail collapse minimisation in the power distribution system
  • EMI reduction
  • Thermal Dissipation Analysis

FPGA Design

BERTEN is specialised in FPGA design for critical systems.

  • Optimum selection of target device considering cost versus performance and capacity trade-offs
  • HDL implementation and verification at Register Transfer Level (RTL) by behavioural simulations
  • Constraints definition
  • Synthesis and implementation, including timing analysis and simulation
  • FPGA programming and board level testing for final design validation