BERTEN develops reliable firmware and software for FPGAs, Embedded Processors, and System-on-Chip devices, optimising performance and resources utilisation.

  • VHDL code for FPGA and SoC devices
  • VHDL IP cores development
  • Implementation of soft processors in FPGA and SoC devices (Microblaze, LEON)
  • Embedded Software for microcontrollers, Digital Signal Processors, and ARM-based microprocessors
  • Standalone (Bare-metal), RTOS, and Linux operating systems
  • Integrated VHDL and embedded software for System-on-Chip solutions
HDL Firmware

Parallel processing, High throughput, Low latency, Custom interfaces

FPGA programming using hardware description language is a flexible and concurrent approach that optimises the implementation of high-performance digital signal processing and, in general, any algorithm involving vector or matrix processing. The large number of flexible I/O enables custom parallel bus interfaces.

Embedded Software

Portability, OS, Fast development, Standard interfaces

Embedded Processors has less processing power, but efficient software can be developed to manage dynamic tasks, handle standard interfaces, or access to memory modules. We developed software for leading microprocessors, being focused on ARM-based devices.