Real-time processing of Gigabit Ethernet data in Programmable Logic (PL) is a time-consuming challenge that requires optimised drivers and interface management.  System-on-Chip (SoC) devices provide hardware resources that allow this communication, but lacks general purpose software applications to implement it.

GigaX is a lwIP-based API for Xilinx Zynq® SoC that establishes a high-speed communication channel between the GigaE port and the PL. Running in one of the PS ARM cores, GigaX process network and transport headers and manage SDRAM, Ethernet DMA, and AXI interfaces to setup a robust full duplex data link through the Processing System (PS) at 200 Mbps.

Based on the open source lwIP stack, GigaX controls the Zynq® GigaE peripheral to send/receive Ethernet frames to/from SDRAM via the AMBA Interconnect bus. After performing IP filtering, Ethernet data is sent to PL through a High Performance AXI Port, which is also used to send processed data back to the PS.

GigaX Functionality & Interfaces


GigaX Performance

Typical Applications

The software API also implements IP filtering and TCP/UDP headers management to allow using your device as an Ethernet Bridge, Programmable Network Node, Hardware Accelerator, or Network Offloader.

Key Features
  •  Full Duplex GigaE-PL Link
  •  Data Rate up to 200 Mbps
  •  Optimised DMA Implementation
  •  Ethernet Data Caching
  •  TCP/UDP Headers Management
  •  IP Address Filtering
  •  Ethernet Bridge
  •  Programmable Network Node
  •  Hardware Acceleration
  •  Network Offloader
  •  Ethernet Data Processing
  •  Software Defined Radio
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