Sexta Edición del Encuentro con el Talento

En esta nueva Edición del Encuentro con el Talento, organizado por la Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales y de Telecomunicación de la Universidad de Cantabria, los alumnos han tenido la oportunidad de disfrutar de demostraciones en vivo de nuestros productos de comunicaciones y criptografía para aplicaciones críticas.

Como siempre, ha sido un placer acercar nuestro trabajo a los estudiantes, y poder charlar con colegas, profesores y antiguos compañeros; especialmente este año que la institución celebra su 50 aniversario.

Universidad Cantabria - Encuentro Talento 2023
Universidad Cantabria - Encuentro Talento 2023

Crypto IP Cores at Embedded World 2022

Embedded World was a great event! We had the opportunity to meet with customers, providers, and potential partners. Security IP cores are a trending topic, and BERTEN technology aims to dominate high-end implementations of cryptographic systems.

BERTEN Crypto IP Cores at Embedded World 2022
BERTEN Crypto IP Cores at Embedded World 2022
TRNG-P200 and Owlet RNG Analyzer

MANET Radios at Xponential 2022

BERTEN range of MANET radios impacted the unmanned community at AUVSI Xponential in Orlando, Florida. Our team showcased a live demo of the P6000 transceivers, highlighting unique features such as hypersonic mobility, avionics qualification, up to 50W of RF output power, and our cutting-edge application for configuration and mission control based on an open protocol.

Data Links at Xponential 2022

Tactical Radios at FEINDEF 2021

BERTEN range of tactical radios and crypto products were presented at FEINDEF in Madrid. It was a pleasure for our team to showcase our new MANET and LPI waveforms to enhance connectivity in critical applications. Our security and armed forces can now achieve Spectrum Dominance with data links proudly designed, developed, assembled, tested, and validated in Spain.


TRNG-P200 Qualification

The TRNG-P200 has been qualified by the National Cryptologic Center (CCN). The product is now listed in the Catalogue of STIC Products (CPSTIC), which is intended for public sector organizations or private entities under the scope of the National Security Scheme (ENS). The IP Core has certified security functionalities suitable for use in systems classified as ENS category HIGH.

The TRNG-P200 generates reliable physical true random sequences for any FPGA, SoC, or ASIC design targeting cryptographic applications. The non-deterministic entropy source is based on multi-phase oscillators, producing a high‑quality RNG in a minimum area.

ENS Qualified Product

Analog Devices Partnership

BERTEN is now part of the Analog Devices Alliances family. This is a great opportunity to leverage our strengths with brilliant partners to deliver the best electronic and communication products to our customers.

The Alliances program combines ADI strengths with an ecosystem of companies who have complementary capabilities and solutions, providing a structured way to interact with experts at Analog Devices and with Alliances partners.

BERTEN - ADI Associate Partner