TRNG-P200 Qualification

The TRNG-P200 has been qualified by the National Cryptologic Center (CCN). The product is now listed in the Catalogue of STIC Products (CPSTIC), which is intended for public sector organizations or private entities under the scope of the National Security Scheme (ENS). The IP Core has certified security functionalities suitable for use in systems classified as ENS category HIGH.

The TRNG-P200 generates reliable physical true random sequences for any FPGA, SoC, or ASIC design targeting cryptographic applications. The non-deterministic entropy source is based on multi-phase oscillators, producing a high‑quality RNG in a minimum area.

ENS Qualified Product

Analog Devices Partnership

BERTEN is now part of the Analog Devices Alliances family. This is a great opportunity to leverage our strengths with brilliant partners to deliver the best electronic and communication products to our customers.

The Alliances program combines ADI strengths with an ecosystem of companies who have complementary capabilities and solutions, providing a structured way to interact with experts at Analog Devices and with Alliances partners.

BERTEN - ADI Associate Partner

Xilinx Alliance Member

In our effort to provide our customers with high-quality design services and products, we are proud to announce our Member status in the Xilinx Alliance Program.

The Xilinx Alliance Program is a worldwide ecosystem of qualified companies collaborating with Xilinx to further the development of All Programmable technologies. Leveraging open platforms and standards, Xilinx has built this ecosystem to meet customer needs and is committed to its long-term success. Comprised of IP providers, EDA vendors, embedded software providers, system integrators, and hardware suppliers, Alliance members help accelerate design productivity while minimizing risk.

Sello PYME Innovadora

El Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad ha reconocido a BERTEN con el Sello PYME Innovadora (Innovate SME), válido hasta octubre de 2019. Este sello reconoce a las empresas cuya actividad es intensiva en I+D+i.

BERTEN - Sello PYME Innovadora